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You can add this shortcodes using our easy to use Content Builder:

Images frames 1

or you can add it using below shortcode:

[[image src="http://muffingroup.com" align="left" caption="Image with caption and lightbox" link="#" link_type="" target="_blank" alt="alt text"]]

[divider height=»5″ line=»0″]

  • src — link to the image
  • align (optional) — you can choose «left», «right», «center» or leave it empty
  • caption (optional) — caption text under the image
  • link (optional) — link to the image
  • link_type (optional) — you can choose 2 options here: «zoom» or «details»
  • target (optional) — you can choose target for image, ex. _blank
  • alt (optional) — alternative text for image
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